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Ray MatthewsRay Matthews

Ultra Distance Runner * After Dinner Motivational Speaker * Published Author

Ray Matthews

"I am passionate about my sport, with which the rest of the world has had a greater variety and access too for more years than the general UK athletes."


I am passionate about my sport, with which the rest of the world has had a greater variety and access too for many years than the general UK athletes.

My aim is to provide the opportunity for more UK athletes to be able to run in some of the most extreme places on the planet, putting some adventure into our lives, and providing memories that will last a life time, not only for the experienced, but also the new to ultra distance runner.

With that in mind we have teamed up with, and become the UK representative for ZITOWAY SPORT and ADVENTURE. An Italian organization, who have for a good few years now, provided the perfect opportunity for runners from all over the world to take up the challenges of desert running. They are now about to stage the thirteenth year of the very successful 100km Del Sahara Race. They have got it right;. The 100km Du Senegal, together with the 100km of Namibia are also multi stage races, and cover a multitude of different tarains.

These events, which are perfect for the athlete new to distance running, will bring a challenge that is achievable but tough enough to provide memories that will last a life time. Be amazed

For the more experienced athlete, these races will also provide a demanding challenge not only against the elements, and desert terrain, but against athletes from around the world. Flying the flag for the UK will provide the camaraderie and bring out the passion that is second to none in ultra runners.

The series of these multi stage events offer a unique opportunity to experience much more than just a race. Uncharted fascinating landscapes provide all the ingredients to fulfill our dreams and ambitions..

Of the three main events, the 100km Del Sahara is rightly called a trail running adventure, and is the flagship of all the events. Physical and Psychological adaptations will be necessary, as athletes take on the less than suitable conditions of the desert for running. The heat or wind and weather conditions are harsh and unpredictable. But the aim of the onsite organization is to bring all the athletes through the finish line. They are more than set up to ensure ultimate safety during all the events

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Ray Matthews

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