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Ray MatthewsRay Matthews

Ultra Distance Runner * After Dinner Motivational Speaker * Published Author

Ray Matthews

"I am passionate about my sport, with which the rest of the world has had a greater variety and access too for more years than the general UK athletes."


Published book - Me and My Shadow

Ray's story is an inspirational account of his dedication to endurance running events and will cast a wide net, generating interest in the Boxing, Running, life coaching, and Inspirational and Motivational market. His descriptive writing brings the reader into his world of adventure.

The main story which is centred around a recent 100 mile international foot race within the circumference of Rotherham South Yorkshire, in which Ray successfully became the first athlete to complete. The highs and lows are told as he runs through the night mostly on his own, and then as the miles stack up, the mental and physical problems are highlighted as he overcomes each one to make it to the finish.

Flitting in and out of the main event Ray describe the trauma, and drama of a recent 100 km race across the Sahara Desert, and vividly describes the physical, and mental adaptations that all the athletes have to overcome to take on the less than suitable for running conditions the desert throws up at them, and highlights how the traumatic experience of a sudden desert sandstorm can turn into a massive safety problem.

To answer a question that is regularly asked of Ray, he brings into the story, an account, going back in time to when he was a young boy being brought up during, and just after the war. Taking an enormous step into the world of Boxing and meeting two men who influenced, shaped and moulded his life, teaching him not only how to box, but  also about the values of Respect, Discipline, Dedication and Motivation. These values have become a way of life and still provide the basics of his way of life even today.


Me & My Shadow

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