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Ray MatthewsRay Matthews

Ultra Distance Runner * After Dinner Motivational Speaker * Published Author

Ray Matthews
"I am passionate about my sport, with which the rest of the world has had a greater variety and access too for more years than the general UK athletes."



Book Reviews:

It has been a real pleasure to read “Me and My Shadow”. It is an inspirational book where the author has bravely shared so much of himself and his journey. I am intrigued by extraordinary stories of determination, and achievement, whereby adversity is overcome and goals are reached. This book is a perfect example of this. The author takes you on a journey and leaves you wanting more, always the mark of a great book.

Marina Tune.
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist


I am so glad that I took the time to read “Me and My Shadow”. Once I began reading I did not want to put the book down, neither did I want it to end. The author Ray Matthews takes you on a journey throughout his life, and as a reader, you feel that you are part of that journey. I felt like I was the “shadow” referred to in the title. The descriptive writing and storytelling painted such an imaginative picture that I felt I was right there besides him, like I was Rays shadow. I felt the physical and emotional pain Ray had experienced, and I felt the overwhelming joy of knowing that he had just taken part in something truly amazing.

The book is such an inspirational read and anyone who is seeking a dream and wanting to take on the impossible should read this book. I would like to thank Ray for sharing his journey and letting me be part of it through his beautiful writing.

Helen Woodburn-Moran


Ray writes with a passion that reflects his passion for life. His heartfelt desire is to be all he can be, to collect and soak in every experience, and to grow as a human being and as an athlete. As you read you could almost be there with Ray as a young lad, as he takes steps that discover his most important mentors who lead him to make the hardest decisions that made the biggest differences in his life as an athlete, family man, and business man. If you have the burning desire to live your life on your terms, then Rays book is a must read. Ray is living the ideal life; to be content with what he has achieved, and be ambitious for more. Don’t wait too long to write your next book.

David Greenfield
Gym buddy and Life Coach


Throughout a lifetime, everyone has the opportunity to meet truly exceptional people. I have. But only very few times have I met someone who inspires, the way Ray does. He turns concepts around, demonstrating the relativity of the “biological clock” and what can and cannot be achieved by having the right mindset.
Who decides what the right age is to achieve your dreams?

How many times does society impose the things we should or should not do, and what is seen as “reasonable”, and what is expected of us. There is timing for everything. Ray demonstrates that destiny is in your hands, and not in the hands of what society expects of us.

Even today, practicing for sport, or in my work, or family environment, I still think back to the phrases, or moments I was able to share with this incredible man, and friend. Ray truly is, an inspirational story himself.

Patrick De Jong


Me & My Shadow

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